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Municipal Water Back-up

Municipal Water Back-up

As the old saying goes: ‘You never know what you’ve got, till it’s gone’.

Water is one of those things we tend to take for granted, but when the taps run dry that’s when you realise just how much of your life is contingent on having reliable access to water.

Government data reveals that, in 2013, over a quarter of South African households reported problems with their municipal water supply. Recent drought conditions have only exacerbated this problem, making it clear that for many South Africans, the only way to ensure a consistent water supply is to install back-up tanks and pumping systems.

What we need

According to the UN, every human being needs 50 litres of water per day in order to prepare meals and ensure personal hygiene.  Human beings forced to subsist on less than 50 liters a day face an increased risk of disease and a marked reduction in quality of life.

The average South African uses anywhere between 150 - 250 litres of water a day.

Many of us consume water without really appreciating just how much we use on a day to day basis or exactly how it gets used.

Typical Domestic Water Usage In South Africa

What we can do

Given that a family of four requires at least 20 000 liters in a month to maintain their quality of life, it’s increasingly clear that South African’s are going to have to find ways to adapt to the reality of living in a water poor country.

Increasing demand and limited supplies make water a real issue now and in the future.

Cutting down water usage is one obvious way to help the situation, but with municipal supply becoming intermittent in so many areas, collection and storage are becoming the name of the game.

It’s always worth seeking professional help when it comes to understanding your water needs. Aquamat offers a range of tanks that will store water reliably and safely.

Aquamat Tanks
Tank Days of water supplied (150L x 4)
2500L 4.17
5000L 8.33
10 000L 16.67
20 000L 33.33

Once you have the tank to suit your specific needs, your household should comfortably make it through dips or even sustained interruptions in water supply.

Your neighbour may suffer from intermittent water pressure or even dry taps, but by keeping water in reserve you can spare yourself the headache of an irregular water supply.


In an increasingly uncertain environment, the benefits of maintaining your own water supply are comfort, health and peace of mind. A little upfront planning could do a lot to mitigate the pain of failures in the future.

We’ve become used to regarding the provision of water as the municipality’s job, but as the stresses on the system increase, more and more people are going to have to ask themselves if they are satisfied with leaving their family’s comfort and wellbeing entirely in other people’s hands?

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