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It's Raining, You're Pouring

It's Raining, You're Pouring

Rain grey water blogIt would be hard to overestimate the importance of water. Indeed everything in our lives flows from access to water. Throughout history civilization has flourished around water. From the aqueduct to modern plumbing systems, our focus has been on moving water from one place to another, but as water requirements have grown, so too have the challenges. With all the amenities of urban life it’s easy to overlook the fact that water sometimes comes to us.

Rain isn’t just a nice treat for the garden.

With nearly fifty years of experience, Aquamat understands how important it is to address the pressures imposed by increasing water scarcity and ever rising demand.

Water conservation has value around the world but in a country where many regions have a marginal water supply, recycling household water and taking advantage of rainfall represent a significant benefit. Not just for the individual, but for the community at large.

You have a lot of what you need

Rainwater catchment doesn’t require a huge outlay since most roofs have a large surface area and guttering that allows the water collected to be channeled so that it may be easily caught in down-pipes.

With collection sorted, the most important considerations are how the water will be stored, kept fit for use and distributed.

At the most basic level this could be achieved with small open containers, such as pots or jars, but to exploit the full potential of rainwater harvesting storage tanks and treatment facilities are necessary.

Rain grey water blog

The system is simple and can pay for itself.

Aquamats’ rain collection systems, are easy to install and operate and could potentially provide a large percentage of your monthly water consumption (rainfall in an area will determine the amount gathered).

With negligible running costs and less need for municipal water, you will quickly begin to recoup any outlay on your water tank and processing system. You will also reap the added benefit that sewage costs are estimated based on the amount of water that passes through your meter and thus excludes the extra volume you may introduce from your home supply.

Your water could actually be cleaner.

Recycling rainwater with an Aquamat system will also offer you a better quality of water, free of the chemicals that are commonly found in municipal water.

Now you might be thinking, “How clean could water I get off my roof be?”, but Aquamat systems filter out debris at the outset with a leaf trap and first flush system and their filtration systems offer bottle quality drinking water.

Not only is purer water easier on your body, but it could also prevent scale and blockages from developing in your home appliances and pipes.

That represents a reduction in energy costs and might even prevent you having to shell out cash to fix or replace equipment.

Your system isn’t just for rainy days.

In 2015 South Africa saw the lowest rainfall on record for the last thirteen years. You might wonder what good a rain collection system can be when it’s not raining, but even if Mother Nature is letting you down, your rain storage tank can still be used.

Aquamat systems, for instance, allow the tank to be connected to municipal outlets, which enables you to store water during periods of water scarily or intermittent availability.

It really is good for everyone.

While we are on the subject of South Africa’s water woes, it’s worth acknowledging the challenges represented by under-resourced and remote communities.

Urban rainwater harvesting offers the benefit easing of pressure on dams and reservoirs, but in areas with less infrastructure rain water collection can represent a significant lifeline, without which community development would be difficult or even impossible. 


There are many variables when it comes to collecting rain water and no one household’s needs are the same. That’s why it makes sense to take stock of your particular situation and, if in doubt, seek out those with know-how and experience.

The one fact that is unequivocally true for all South Africans is that we need to start taking water seriously. With liters of fresh water falling on our country every day can we really afford to let it go down the drain?

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