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Containerised Water Treatment Plant

Containerised water treatment plants can change the lives of many as they allow easy, clean and safe access to life saving water. All containerised solutions are designed and created based on the client’s specific needs.

Containerised Water Treatment Plant

The Challenge

Containerised water units are usually needed where there are no buildings or infrastructure where water needs to be treated. This could be anything from rural areas, rural schools, mining areas or new building sites. A secure, packed purifications plant is suggested as it can be moved as a unit and relocated easily and effectively. The containerised unit is designed in such a way that it can operate with or without storage tanks, making it versatile and flexible. It should also be able, if required, to treat a variety of water sources, which could include surface water, brackish borehole water, river water or even sea water. The containerised unit must be self-contained, easy to operate and preferably be equipped with a generator.

The Solution

These containerised water units can change the lives of many as they allow easy, clean and safe access to life saving water. All containerised solutions are designed and created based on the client’s specific needs. The biggest considerations when designing and creating the containerised unit are that they should be compact, easy to operate, portable and to be as environmentally friendly as possible. All requirements are taken into consideration to create the best possible solution to the problem at hand. All containerised units will have similar components, although size may vary, again based on need. Even though size and equipment may vary, a typical Aquamat containerised system will consist of a properly ventilated container, which has been painted. The typical, standard container will contain some of the following elements:

  • 2 x Aquamat special manifolds
  • 3 x automated dosing pumps with 100L step-down tanks
  • 1 x raw water pump with pump control
  • 1 x filter pump with pump control
  • 1 x clinobrite manual back-wash filter
  • 1 x activated carbon filter
  • 1 x birm filter
  • 1 x 115/1 ultra violet steriliser smart-up chemicals (including dutrion chlorine, sudfloc, sudack)

The following can be added to make the containerised unit even more effective:

  • Generator (5,5 kva)
  • Reverse osmosis unit
  • Ozone generator
  • Automatic back-wash filters
  • Plc facilities

Filter sizes are determined by the volume or water to be treated.

The Benefits

  • Compact
  • Safe
  • Easy to operate
  • Portable
  • Customised
  • Flexible volumes   

Typical application

These containerised units are flexible, safe and portable and can be used in a variety of situations. Imagine the relief in a rural area where people are deprived of safe drinking water. This unit can be put anywhere, even next to a river or dam and purify and clean the water quickly and effectively providing clean water to thousands of people. Other industries or situations could be:

  • Mining – cleaning and recycling water used in the mining process
  • Mining – supplying mine workers with clean drinking water
  • Municipalities for rural areas
  • Schools
  • United nations for humanitarian relief
  • Military camps in remote areas

Extra considerations

Water is the source of life and so many people are deprived of clean, safe drinking water. These units are the perfect solution for this problem. Not only that, they can utilised in many industries where the environment is under pressure due to the nature of the industry, for example the mining industry. These units can be set up to treat the water that is already being used on the mines to recycle the water and provide clean drinking water. These containerised units is flexible as they can be intergrade with existing purification plants to increase the volume of clean water. This is the perfect solution for many situations, especially in the upliftment of rural communities.

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